Omniscience EP (inc. Opuswerk Remix)

by HOBI, Opuswerk



Polished and ambient sounds associated with an irregular but clear groove, produce the correct and desired atmosphere for him.
Omniscience, Clarification and Misconception, have in common the power to produce in the listeners a specific introspective trip, combining powerful and costant synthlines and bassline with hypnotic and granular soundscapes.
These tracks sound forceful and are full of experimentation, related to textures that totally represent HOBI style and his passion for the "introspective" techno aesthetic.
Opuswerk, swiss hypnotic music "machine" and half of HISS:1292 with Francois X, after releasing his music on DEMENT3D, Krill Music and Knotweed, is here again with his awesome remix of "Misconception".
Remixing is about re-interpreting someone's idea, which sometimes you can and sometime not. This time, it was about building a tool out of what was there, looping bits and parts, and adding the necessary and trademark drum machine funk Opuswerk is known for.
He extracted the atmosphere of the original track and built from there, aiming not for peaktime, but for those moments where you're lost in the music and sound swirls around you, making all groovy and hypnotic.


released February 19, 2016



all rights reserved


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